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Fund Marketing Compliance Solution: SRMO


Marketing your fund overseas presents a complex and overwhelming need to investigate local marketing regulations.  Sales Road Maps Online® (SRMO) is the financial service industry’s unique Fund Marketing “RegTech” Compliance Solution, “transforming Marketing Compliance®”.

SRMO was designed with client needs in mind. SRMO brings decades of client feedback and experience in 70+ country AIF marketing regulations from our bespoke compliance consultancy Global Sales Compliance Ltd.® and our CEO Cathy Brand. Using the latest technology, SRMO “digitises” GSC’s bespoke advisory services by providing a range of online services about fund marketing compliance including:

  • Sales Road Maps©
  • Marketing Compliance Training
  • Free LIBRARY
  • Free SRMO 360°— a selection of third party resources for a diverse (360°) range of needs of Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFMs) and Asset Managers

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Access articles and newsletters from law firms and industry experts related to fund marketing regulations

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